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Manuscript in preparation

† First-passage analysis of the activation time distribution of individual SOS molecules reveals a temporal discrimination process in the activation of Ras
W. Y. C. Huang, S. Alvarez*, Y. Kondo*, Y. K. Lee, J. K. Chung, H. Y. M. Lam, J. Kuriyan, J. T. Groves

Ras activation by SOS: two modes of activation pathway
S. Alvarez*, H. Y. M. Lam* et al.

Membrane signaling reactions at the single molecule level
H.-L. Tu*, W. Y. C. Huang*, W.-C. Lin, J. T. Groves

A live cell-supported lipid bilayer assay for the multi-parameter analysis and prediction of drug efficacy
N. G. Caculitan*, E. Y. Liu*, W.-C. Lin, W. Y. C. Huang, T. R. Gadek, and J. T. Groves

Submitted / in revision

† Pattern formation and geometry sensing based on stochastic composition fluctuations in a lipid membrane kinase-phosphatase competitive reaction
S. D. Hansen, W. Y. C. Huang, Y. K. Lee, P. Bieling, S. M. Christensen, J. T. Groves


9. Allosteric modulation of Grb2 recruitment to the intrinsically disordered scaffold protein, LAT, by remote site phosphorylation
W. Y. C. Huang*, J. Ditlev*, H.-K. Chiang, M. K. Rosen, J. T. Groves
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, in press. [Full]

8. Dynamic scaling analysis of molecular motion within the LAT:Grb2:SOS protein signaling network on membranes
W. Y. C. Huang, H.-K. Chiang, J. T. Groves
Biophysical Journal 2017, 113:1807. [Full

7. Two-step membrane binding by the bacterial SRP receptor enable efficient and accurate co-translational protein targeting
Y.-H. Hwang Fu, W. Y. C. Huang, K. Shen, J. T. Groves, T. Millers, and S. Shan
eLife 2017, 6:e25885. [Full]

6.  † Phosphotyrosine-mediated LAT assembly on membrane drives kinetic bifurcation in recruitment dynamics of the Ras activator SOS
W. Y. C. Huang, Q. Yan, W.-C. Lin, J. K. Chung, S. D. Hansen, S. M. Christensen, H.-L. Tu, J. Kuriyan, J. T. Groves
PNAS 2016, 113, 8218-8223.  [Full]

5.  E-cadherin junction formation involves an active kinetic nucleation process
H. Biswas*, K. L. Hartman*, C.-H. Yu, O. J. Harrison, H. Song, A. W. Smith, W. Y. C. Huang, W.-C. Lin, Z. Guo, A. Padmanabhan, S. M. Troyanovsky, M. L. Dustin, L. Shapiro, B. Honig, R. Zaidel-Bar, and J. T. Groves
PNAS 2015, 112, 10932-10937.  [Full]

4.  Importin-β modulates the permeability of the nuclear pore complex in a Ran-dependent manner
R. Lowe*, J. H. Tang*, J. Yassif, M. Graf, W. Y. C. Huang, J. T. Groves, K. Weis, and J. T. Liphardt
eLife 2015, 4:e04052.  [Full]

3.  H-Ras forms dimers on membrane surfaces via a protein-protein interface
W.-C. Lin*, L. Iversen*, H.-L. Tu, C. Rhodes, S. M. Christensen, J. S. Iwig, S. D. Hansen, W. Y. C. Huang, and J. T. Groves
PNAS 2014, 111, 2996-3001.  [Full]

2.  Depletion of water molecules near the end stage of steric zipper formation
H.-M. Cheng, W. Y. C. Huang, T. W. T. Tsai, Y. Mou, and J. C. C. Chan
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 2013, 60, 784-800.  [Full]

1.   Steric zipper formed by hydrophobic peptide fragment of Syrian hamster prion protein
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Biochemistry 2011, 50, 6815−6823.  [Full]